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We offer three service options:

Full Management

With Full Management owners get a “hands free” approach to rental ownership.  We handle vacancies by advertising  & showing vacant units, screening applicants, handling rental leases and deposits, move-in inspections, monthly rental collections, supervising routine repairs as needed, and providing full accounting of funds.

Fees for Full Management:  (
New tenant) one half of the first months full rent, with a management fee of 10% of gross rents (excluding late fees), or a minimum of $65/month, whichever is greater. No additional charge for lease renewals/extensions.

Rental Only (owner manages day to day)

Rental Only
allows owners too busy to do showings, screenings and documents, to have a manager handle these aspects of rental ownership.  After the tenant is moved in, the owner can then take over and handle rent collections, repairs and accounting.  When the tenant vacates, we begin the process of finding a new tenant.

Fees for Rental Only
:  $100.00  (due on contract) plus 50% of a months full rent (due on procurement of tenant)

Day to Day Only (owner fills vacancies)

Day to Day Only
allows owners to advertise, show the unit, select, screen and approve the tenant. One the tenant is procured, we step in to handle rental documents, and continue to provide monthly rental collections, routine repairs and full accounting of funds.

Fees  for Day to Day Management
: (tenant with lease in place) $100 plus 10% of gross rents (excluding late fees) or a minimum of $65/month, whichever is greater.  No additional charge for lease renewals/extensions.


"We are not currently accepting comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports."